Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈論文〉保育者養成課程在籍者の基礎的音楽理論の理解と伴奏技能及び音楽経験についての調査

平松, 愛子  ,  井上, 幸一

This research is about the correlation among basic musical theory, skill of accompaniment, and music experiences for the students who take a nursery training course. First, we checked the students’s status of understanding of basic musical theory, level of piano accompaniment skills, and individual music experiences. We obtained the status of understanding of basic musical theory through the test of music intervals, scale keys, beats, chords and words. For the music skills and experiences, the students participated in paper surveys. Based on these results, We considered the correlation among ethical understanding of music elements, musical skills, and experiences.
[注記]著者専攻(平松): ピアノ 表現Ⅱ

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