Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈Originals〉Management of painful sensation with novel carbon dioxide laser : an open study

Endo, Hideki  ,  Oiso, Naoki  ,  Kawada, Akira

〈Abstract〉The carbon dioxide (CO_2) laser is the prevailing treatment method in the management of skin tumors. However, there is a painful sensation when it is applied, causing anxiety to the patient. Recently, a novel CO_2 laser device was developed to relieve or reduce the painful sensation due to longer off-time (0.2 sec) during all cases repeat irradiation. We retrospectively evaluated the efficacy of the management of the painful sensation in 30 patients with small skin tumors who were treated by novel CO_2 laser without local anesthesia. In this study of 30 patients, the VAS (visual analogue scale) values's means was 25.4, and excellent improvement in 22(73.3%) and moderate improvement in 8(26.7%). Our results showed that the majority of the patients felt tolerable pain with excellent or moderate improvement. It was suggested that the novel CO_2 laser was effective in reducing the painful sensation and raising the effectveness.

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