Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈Originals〉Food allergy treatment guidance based on oral food challenge tests

Yamasaki, Koji  ,  Nagai, Megumi  ,  Takemura, Yutaka  ,  Inoue, Norihiro  ,  Mushiake, Soutaro  ,  Takemura, Tsukasa

〈Abstract〉Japanese Guideline for Food Allergy 2014 states that definitive diagnosis of food allergy should be based on the results of an oral food challenge test(OFC). At the Department of Pediatrics, Nara Hospital, Kinki University Faculty of Medicine, OFCs were not conducted in a uniform manner until a standardized protocol was implemented in 2013. We retrospectively examined protocol-based OFCs by reviewing medical records. The number of OFCs increased during 2013, so did the number of patients for whom an elimination diet was discontinued. On the other hand, the number of patients with symptoms induced during the test also increased; some of these children developed anaphylaxis. Overall, food allergy treatment guided by OFCs may improve nutrition, contributing positively to children's and their families' quality of life.

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