Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈研究論文〉パルス通電加圧焼結法を用いた高機能炭素材料の創製

信木, 関  ,  旗手, 稔  ,  京極, 秀樹

We have used chipped the Pine or Hinoki cypress woods as the initial carbon materials which have thinned the forests at Kamo region in Hiroshima prefecture. After rapid degradation of woody biomass carbon materials from the woody chips, were performed by Pulse Electric Current Sintering (SPS) method with a short period, and without adding binders and additives at various SPS heat treating temperature. In order to clear the correlation between SPS heat treating temperature and woody biomass estimated from the X-ray diffraction analysis, SEM observation, hardness and compressive testing. Obtained SPS heat treated materials at above 1073K and pressure of 30 MPa from woody biomass, show the bulk cylindrical compacts with amorphous structures. According to the increasing of SPS heat treating temperature, the hardness of surface of SPS bulk increased and the compressive strength increased, and also the porosity of the bulk decreased. In case of the applied pure carbon materials for SPS method, the bulk forms did not obtained even if the SPS heat treating temperature heat up to 1773K and 30MPa. By using of SPS operating at 1273K prepared from woody biomass of pine chips, the cylindrical bulk shows 83 Shore hardness and 55 MPa in compressive strength, these values were the highest observed in this study.

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