Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈研究論文〉臭気成分に対するマンゴー種子由来の脂肪酸類の消臭効果

吳, 姝嫻  ,  邊見, 篤史  ,  立花, 伸哉  ,  野村, 正人

Many chemicals with offensive odors for example ammonia, acetic acid, acetaldehyde, trimethylamine, isovaleric acid, hydrogen disulfide and formaldehyde are regulated because they are considered to be environmental pollutants. In this study, we investigated the main types of fatty acids present in the mango seed and mixed them in various proportions to evaluate their deodorizing effect on odorous substances. The result shows that deodorizing efficiency of all fatty acids was above 99% for ammonia. The deodorizing effect on trimethylamine was also good (98%) when oleic acid and stearic acid a re m ixed i n a ratio 1 :2 o r 2 :3. I n a ddition, l inoleic a cid o r l inolenic a cid h ad a strong deodorizing effect on isovaleric acid (96~98%). These results demonstrate that fatty acids from the mango seeds have strong deodorizing ability.

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