Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈Articles〉Silence Speaks ― A Minimalist Analysis of Multiple Sluicing ―

平井, 大輔

This paper aims to explore a possible alternative analysis of multiple sluicing within the framework of the minimalist program. It is surprising that multiple sluicing, where more than one wh-phrase is left with some parts deleted by sluicing, is possible in a certain context even in English with non-multiple wh-fronting. In order to explain how this phenomenon is derived, after examining previous analyses by Richards( 2001) and Lasnik (2014), I will consider another account based on the phase-based theory, and claim that a general parallelism should be also applied to multiple sluicing. In addition, I argue that the second wh-phrase in multiple sluicing is moved neither overtly nor covertly, but is bound by an operator. Furthermore, I will propose that operator insertion is induced for both the antecedent and the elided in multiple sluicing at Spell- Out (the verb phrase (vP) phase) with their parallelism checked simultaneously. The analysis proposed here will be a stepping-stone for a more satisfactory account of multiple sluicing.
著者専攻: 英語学

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