Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈実践・事例報告〉動画を使った内股の相違の発見― 代表的柔道家の内股の相違 ―

岡田, 龍司  ,  村本, 辰寛  ,  徳安, 秀正  ,  岡崎, 祐史  ,  穴井, 隆将  ,  倉賀野, 哲造

“Uchi-mata” difference was discovered by using available motion pictures.The motion pictures were disassembled into frame data called AVI,which is a file format for storing audio and video information developed by Microsoft Corp.The motions performed by participants while using Judo standin “ Uchimata” were analyzed using a software system based on “Open CV”,which is an open source library for computer vision and image processing developed by Intel Corp.The positions of parts of the body were indicated manually on to the AVI pictures based on the “frame by frame playback” technique, then put into a computer. The compensation of pixel values to the real space size was performed by using the known length of the“ tatami” in the AVI picture.By repeating these,the positions of the body were traced corresponding to the frame rate.The compensated positional data of the body was gathered and then disassembled into x direction-time data and y direction-time data to calculate velocity. In this manner,the velocity of the specified body parts of the thrown opponent were calculated.The subjects selected were two leading Judo men.When he threw his opponent down,his motion of his stand technique of“ Uchi-mata” was analyzed.This is a case study of motion analysis of Judo using available motion pictures.We have given an example of an analysis method for Judo from an engineering point of view.

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