Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈総説〉FD 活動としての専攻横断談話会─近畿大学総合社会学部の取り組み─

戸井田, 克己

This paper reports on the “Interdisciplinary Faculty and Staff Meeting,” which have been held as part of FD(Faculty Development)in the Faculty of Applied Sociology, Kinki University. This meeting started in October, 2011, the second year of the faculty’s establishment. A total of thirteen meetings have been held by the end of September, 2015. The author was part of the organizing committee for the first 11 meetings, and this paper focuses on these meetings. The Interdisciplinary Faculty and Staff Meeting is one of the core activities of the faculty’s FD, along with the peer review (class observation)among teachers and the students’ class evaluation via a questionnaire survey. Its main feature is that it is not only for teachers but also for office personnel in this Faculty where people of various major fields work together. The paper reports on the process of organizing the meeting, the content description of each meeting, and finally future issues to consider. The paper intends to provide materials that can be utilized for various FD opportunities in and outside the university. It is also expected that this paper keeps a record of one committee’s work in the beginning years of the faculty’s program.
専攻: 社会科教育(地理教育)

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