Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈原著論文〉「乳幼児虐待死」予防のための社会システム構築について~事後対応から事前対応へ~

岡, 宏  ,  森川, 展男

In recent times, statistics show the consulting number increase about 67times at the consultationoffice for children from 1990 to 2013 in Japan. At that time, in Japan,There was a remarkable increase in population, it resulted in the change of family form as is called today“, Unclear Family.” As child abuse is a hard problem, or burden for both children and parents, including people who we consider to be the reserve of the abuse crime assailant in Japan, we must reconsider the social system to aim at the prevention of child abuse. In this report, if we find a risk factor about an infant abuse death, we can do some suggestions with regard to the policy that local entity is able to take for the prevention of infant abuse death.
専攻: 平和学専攻: 犯罪社会学

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