Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈原著論文〉インフォモーション工学の提案--ビッグデータとアクチュエータの融合

矢野, 智昭  ,  大岡, 昌博

Recently, almost everything is connected to the cloud network, where a lot of sensors are connected to the network and anybody can get the sensor data at anywhere. The cloud-sensor network is expected to expand the human sense into all over the world. Therefore, the cloud-sensor network research is one of the coolest topics nowadays. However, for controlling everything connected to the internet, the actuators should be connected to the internet to realize motion control of the network (cloud-actuator network), while there is no research about the cloud-actuator network. In this paper, we introduce a concept of "informotion", which is a coined word of information and motion, and deals with the cloud-actuator system. The outline of the informotion technology is proposed; fundamental technologies required for the informotion technology are described; its advantages and problems are also discussed.

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