Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈原著論文〉ガラス制震壁に関する開発--木造住宅用ガラス制震壁の静的載荷実験

寺井, 雅和  ,  佐藤, 孝典  ,  福原, 実苗  ,  松永, 智也  ,  吉岡, 智和

Glass is a fragile material and so, did not be used as structural material for buildings. However, if it is possible to avoid the stress concentration by seismic force, glass could be enough to structure material. In this paper, a new seismic control wall in glass panel was developed to improve the earthquake resistant performance of wooden house. The lower side of the seismic control wall is fixed to the lower floor of the beam in the seismic screw, and by interposing a friction damper sliding in a horizontal displacement between the upper side of the wall and the beam of upper floors, seismic force that exceeds the glass strength does not enter into the wall. By this mechanism, it is possible to use the glass wall with the open feeling and the appearance to the outer walls of building. To evaluate the earthquake resistant performance of the seismic control wall in glass panel, horizontal cyclic static loading tests has been carried out. As a result, it was confirmed that the specimen with glass thickness 24mm have a wall magnification of 4.2.

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