Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈原著論文〉太陽電池アレイ搭載型構造物の安全性能評価に関する研究--ルーフレス型支持架台構造の開発

松本, 慎也  ,  山田, 裕義  ,  山下, 粛  ,  堯, 勝久  ,  山口, 善徳  ,  民永, 健太朗

In this study, we rationalize a connection between stake structure and superstructure for the solar array on-board structure setting type above the ground. Then, the dead space under the solar panel is improved to the available space as the agriculture site by suggesting new construction. We call the new solar array on-board structure "roofless type frame structure". And, the roofless type frame structure is planned the sunshine and rain reached to the ground. The fracture experiments for the connection in the structure are shown to investigate the seismic performance of the structure. In addition, the micro tremor measurements are carried out using wireless high-sensitivity accelerometers for actual roofless type frame structure which planed by based on these examinations. As a result, we investigated the mechanical characteristic of the structure and verified these mechanical performances.

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