Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈論文〉アサーティブネスにおける「対等性」の要素--アサーティブネス・トレーナーの語りから

堀田, 美保

(Abstract) The purpose of this study is to identify the elements of "equality" in assertiveness. Interviews were conducted to assertiveness trainers in order to collect their narratives on "equality". They were asked in what case they consider that "equality" has been achieved in the communication, and how they facilitate training sessions so that participants can learn what "equality" means in assertiveness. The "equality" elements were extracted from the summaries of the trainers' narratives. The results show "self recognition", "will to equality", "framing of problems", "what is to tell" and "how to tell", as specific psychological and behavioral elements of "equality" in assertiveness. Most of them have been seldom referred in psychological studies on assertiveness, and are elements which are relevant in facing to oneself to analyze the problem, prior to facing to the target person to communicate with. The implications of this study for giving assertiveness training were discussed and future studies were suggested.
専攻: 社会心理学

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