Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈Articles〉A Comparative Study of Multi-Word Items in EFL Coursebooks

Paul, McAleese

[Abstract]Recent findings in corpus linguistics have revealed a significant proportion of authentic language to be constructed of prefabricated phrases (Biber & Conrad, 1999). Research has also shown learner knowledge of these multi-word items can promote both processing speed and pragmatic competence (Ellis, 1996; Wood, 2007). However, to date only a few studies have investigated such language in contemporary teaching materials(Hsu, 2008; Koprowski, 2005; Meunier & Gouverneur, 2007). This study used a large-scale corpus to investigate and compare multi-word items in a small number of upper-beginner-proficiency-level coursebooks used in a Japanese university context. The results showed that although a large number and variety of multi-word items are introduced, the types and representativeness of these items vary significantly among the coursebooks. The results suggested that a significant proportion of the items in question may be unrepresentative of authentic language and therefore of limited usefulness to the target learners.
著者専攻: 応用言語学

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