Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈Articles〉Awareness of Genre: Interviews with Three ESP Teachers

宮永, 正治

[Abstract]Genre analysis has been playing a central role in ESP pedagogy since the 1990s, and studies on genre theory and on the practice of genre pedagogy have often been published. However, few qualitative studies concerning genre have been carried out in the field of ESP, and there are very few studies about teachers who use an approach that is based on genre analysis. This study aimed to examine how these teachers became aware of genre, how their awareness evolved over time, and ultimately how this has influenced their practice. To that end, the author interviewed three ESP instructors, who use a genre-analysis-based approach when teaching university undergraduate and graduate students. The results of the interviews indicate that the three ESP teachers were aware of genre to some extent through their academic and/or professional background before they became ESP teachers and that their ways of describing their awareness of genre have largely been influenced by their professional background.
著者専攻: 応用言語学

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