Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈Research Notes〉Use of Re-reading Strategy in EFL Reading

田平, 真澄

[Abstract]Re-reading or regressively reading a text is a reading strategy that readers frequently employ for improving reading comprehension while reading a text in either L1 or L2 settings. This study attempted to illustrate the relationship among three factors, readers' proficiency levels, text difficulty, and re-reading strategy, by investigating participants' re-reading behavior and perceptions of regressive reading in an EFL context. In this study, four adult English learners who are native Japanese speakers read two passages following a think-aloud protocol and were interviewed immediately after they finished reading. Participants were divided into two levels of proficiency (high and low), and each participant read an easy passage and a difficult passage for their level. The results indicated that re-reading behavior increased when readers read a difficult text than an easy text, and that, in reading a difficult passage, good readers demonstrated a higher awareness of the use of the re-reading strategy than poor readers did.
著者専攻: 英語教育学

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