Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈論文〉財務経理部門のマネジャーのキャリアと経験学習

谷口, 智彦

62 ( 1 )  , pp.33 - 60 , 2015-07-01 , 近畿大学商経学会
[概要]本研究の目的は, ある大手製造企業の本社財務経理部門に所属するマネジャーのキャリアと, 重要な仕事経験および学習を考察することである. 先行研究では, 外的キャリア(客観的キャリア)に主に関心を払ってきたため, 内的キャリア(主観的キャリア)の重要性については述べてこなかった. そこで, 財務経理部門の8名のマネジャーの各キャリア・ルートを抽出し, 彼らのキャリアにとって重要な主観的な経験を考察する. マネジャーたちは, 自身の役割に合わせるかたちで仕事上の経験から学んでいた. 本研究は, 財務経理部門マネジャーたちにとって外的キャリアと内的キャリアの関係の中で人材開発を理解することが重要であることを示す. [Abstract]This article examines the careers of managers in the accounting department in a large manufacturing company and deliberates their work experiences and learning from their careers. Though previous researches were concerned with both external(objective)career and internal(subjective)career, they didn't discuss their relevance specifically. After we described each career route of 8managers in the accounting department, we elaborate on their important(and subjective)experiences for management development. The managers had learned various ways of coping at work along with their roles. This article addresses the importance of accounting managers to understand their development within the relationships between external and internal careers.

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