Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈論文〉ソーントン・ワイルダーの短編小説 「ザベットの結婚」--繰り返されるモチーフ「聖人」

井上, 治

13 ( 2 )  , pp.1 - 15 , 2015-11-01 , 近畿大学経済学会
[概要] ソーントン・ワイルダーが大学時代に書いた短編小説「ザベットの結婚」では, 「聖人」がモチーフとして使用されている. 大学時代に書かれたほかの短編小説や一幕劇でも用いられているこのモチーフは, 彼の代表的な多幕劇『わが町』において観客に衝撃的な演劇的経験を与えることに成功する場面でも効果的に用いられているだけでなく, 彼の後期の一幕劇においても使用されている. このように, 彼が自分の思想と主題を伝えるために使い続けたモチーフ「聖人」が用いられているこの「ザベットの結婚」は, のちのワイルダーの作品につながる重要な作品であるといえる.           [Abstract] In "The Marriage of Zabett," a short story Thornton Wilder wrote in his college days, the word "saint" is used as the motif of the story. The motif "saint," which recurs in other short stories and another one-act play written in the same days, is used afterward not only in his most famous full-length play Our Town, but also in one of his one-act plays written in his late years. Especially in Our Town, the motif plays an effective role in the scene where Wilder gave his audience a sensationally dramatic experience they had never been given before. "The Marriage of Zabett" is an important short story that is related to his later works because the motif "saint," which Wilder used over and over again in his writing in order to convey his thoughts and themes, is used in this work.

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