Departmental Bulletin Paper <Articles>An English as a Lingua Franca Model for English Teaching in Japan: Pedagogical Implications

Justin, Harris

13 ( 1 )  , pp.99 - 114 , 2015-07-01 , 近畿大学経済学会
[Abstract] This paper discusses the advantages that may be gained from employing an "English as a Lingua Franca" model in English Language Teaching in Japan. The current approach in many educational contexts in Japan could be described as an "English as a Foreign Language" model, which generally takes native-speaker norms as its basis for teaching. First, these two models are compared and contrasted. Then, after a discussion of the background and rationale for such a shift in focus, the article finally introduces practical suggestions for approaching the teaching of English in classrooms in Japan that takes into consideration the multi-cultural nature of English today. Areas where change might occur include the teaching of pronunciation, vocabulary and syntax, pragmatics and culture, as well as a reconsideration of the textbooks and methodologies used in classes.

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