Departmental Bulletin Paper 〈Originals〉Three cases of congenital radioulnar synostosis followed for at least 29 years.

Ito, Yasunori  ,  Shimada, Wataru  ,  Kikuchi, Hiraku  ,  Tsujimoto, Harutoshi  ,  Tanaka, Seisuke  ,  Ohtani, Kazuhiro  ,  Tan, Akihiro  ,  Saito, Masakatsu

40 ( 1 )  , pp.23 - 28 , 2015-06-01 , Kinki University Medical Association
<Abstract>Three patients with congenital proximal radioulnar synostosis who were followed for at least 29 years are presented. One patient underwent osteotomy to improve activities of daily living. At the time of the final follow-up, the carrying angle was improved. The other two patients underwent radial head partial resection to prevent the locking due to synovial fold. Although lateral instability of the elbow was confirmed, osteoarthrosis was not evident.

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