Departmental Bulletin Paper 粉末回折データから得られた構造精密化結果の LaTeX 文書化
LaTeX Documentation of Results Obtained by Structure Refinement from Powder Diffraction Data

泉, 富士夫

Crystallographic information files (CIFs) are now widely used for recording crystal-structure data in the authorized manner. Two macros, cif2pdf and E2J, have recently been added to integrated assistance environments for the RIETAN-FP–VENUS system. Cif2pdf is used to convert CIFs, which are obtained by lst2cif and refln macros from output files of RIETAN-FP, into reports with the portable document format (PDF). The resulting PDF files may include (a) graphs such as Rietveld-refinement patterns, and Williamson–Hall and Halder–Wagner plots output by gnuplot and (b) images such as structural models and three-dimensional electron- and nuclear-density distributions drawn by VESTA. E2J practically translates LaTeX text files, *.tex, output by cif2pdf into Japanese by means of a stream editor, sed. A set of files input by cif2pdf and procedures to execute cif2pdf and E2J are described in detail. These two documentation utilities must enhance the value of the assistance environments greatly.

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