Departmental Bulletin Paper <技術報告> 有機金属分解法における溶液の安定性と熱処理条件
Stability and Annealing Conditions of Metal Organic Solutions for Garnet Materials

安達, 信泰  ,  藤内, 紗恵子  ,  アダチ, ノブヤス  ,  フジウチ, サエコ  ,  Adachi, Nobuyasu  ,  Fujiuchi, Saeko

The reproducibility of Bi3Fe5O12 (BIG) films prepared by metal organic decomposition (MOD) technique has been investigated. The MOD solutions had been considered to be stable, however, some films prepared with old solutions showed inferior quality of the magneto-optical properties under the same growth conditions. After the various experiments using the new and old MOD solutions, we concluded that the concentration of the solutions also affects the optimum growth conditions in the MOD technique.

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