Departmental Bulletin Paper <論文> 非貴金属触媒を用いたハニカム触媒の作製と浄化性能評価
Preparation and Catalytic Property of Ceramic Honeycomb Catalyst of Non-Precious Metal Catalyst

服部, 将朋  ,  清水, 晋  ,  高木, 修  ,  羽田, 政明  ,  ハットリ, マサトモ  ,  ハネダ, マサアキ  ,  Hattori, Masatomo  ,  Seiki, Susumu  ,  Takagi, Osamu  ,  Haneda, Masaaki

The dip-coating method of ceria-zirconia supported Cu catalyst prepared by coprecipitation and impregnation method on cordierite and SiC honeycombs was investigated. The preparation conditions of slurry for dip-coating were controlled by(1)the ratio of catalyst powder and binder powder,(2)the ratio of mixed powder and solvent, and(3)solvent. By adjusting these condition, uniform layer was formed successfully. For coating on SiC honeycomb, ethanol as solvent to prepare the slurry influenced forming the layer, because of its high wettability. The thickness of coat layer cordierite and SiC honeycomb were 8-9 μm and 10-13 μm on, respectively. The honeycomb catalysts showed the same activity as catalyst powder. It was indicated that homogeneous coat was obtained, and all of the coated catalyst on each honeycomb functioned.

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