Departmental Bulletin Paper A Prosopographical Analysis of the History of Academic Staff Members of Educational Studies in Japanese Research Universities and Their Forerunner Institutions(1) : Method and Process of This Study and Limits of Previous Related Studies
日本の研究大学ならびにその前身高等教育機関における教育学研究スタッフに着目した教育学研究の歴史的発展過程の一側面に関するプロソポグラフィ的研究(1) : 研究手法,研究の流れ,先行研究の課題

Suzuki, Atsushi

39 ( 2 )  , pp.191 - 210 , 2018-02 , 大分大学教育学部
Japanese educational studies have focused mainly on the `Heroes' who have played an important role in the process of developing Japanese education and educational research, particularly before 1945. In recent years, interest in some famous Japanese post-war scholars in the field of educational research has been growing; however, the process of the historical development of Japanese educational studies has not been examined fully. In this paper, I explain the method and process of one series of my analyses and the limits of previous related studies.

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