Departmental Bulletin Paper A Prosopographical Analysis of the History of Academic Staff Members of Educational Studies in Japanese Research Universities and Their Forerunner Institutions(2) : Biographies of the staff members of Tokyo University and its Forerunner Institution in or before 1980
日本の研究大学ならびにその前身高等教育機関における教育学研究スタッフに着目した教育学研究の歴史的発展過程の一側面に関するプロソポグラフィ的研究(2) : 1980年以前の東京大学とその前身高等教育機関スタッフのバイオグラフィー

Suzuki, Atsushi

39 ( 2 )  , pp.211 - 232 , 2018-02 , 大分大学教育学部
In this paper, using the method called `Prosopography', we collected the biographical data of the staff members in educational studies in the Faculty of Education of Tokyo University and its forerunner Institution and compared them to each other in order to find the common characteristics and differences between groups and chronological periods. We concentrated on the course of their academic life and based our analysis on published materials in order to fully represent the process of institutional and personnel development of Japanese educational studies in the case of Tokyo.

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