Departmental Bulletin Paper 児童期前期のアスペルガー症候群児への特性理解に基づく支援者の関わりと当事者の自己理解と自己肯定のプロセスについて : 小学校低学年における当事者の自伝的読み物分析から
Supporter's Relation Based on the Understanding of Characteristic for Child with Asperger's Syndrome in Childhood the Previous Fiscal Year and the Process of Party's Self-understanding and Self-affirmation : From Autobiographical Book Written by Party in Childhood the Previous Year.

安倍, 景子  ,  武内, 珠美

33pp.51 - 63 , 2016-03 , 大分大学教育福祉科学部附属教育実践総合センター
In this study, we analyzed about supporter's relation based on the understanding of characteristic, party's process of his self-understanding and self-affirmation from autobiographical book written by party in childhood the previous year in reference KJ method. As a result, we clarified that he told about himself for positive supporters with feeling relieved, and then supporter's promoted better understanding of characteristic Supporters also, by telling the understanding of characteristic obtained from party eyes to himself, shared understanding of characteristic was made between party and supporters. In this cycle, his understanding of himself and supporter's understanding of him were deepened from the same eyes, then device for disorder on the understandings was performed in cooperation. So, he had never lose his independence. By this device, failure by disorder was reduced gradually, further he got self-affirmation. We had consideration about these supporter's relation from developmental perspective of childhood the previous fiscal year.

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