Departmental Bulletin Paper 小学校教師のバーンアウトの実態・経過と支援・予防に関する研究 : 2人の中年期女性教師の疲弊についての語りから
Study on the Reality and Process of Burnout of Elementary School Teachers and Support and Prevention. : From Narrative about Exhaustion of Two Middle Age Woman Teachers.

下田, 桃子  ,  武内, 珠美

33pp.65 - 80 , 2016-03 , 大分大学教育福祉科学部附属教育実践総合センター
This study, focusing on the understanding of the reality and process of burnout of elementary school teachers and effective supports and prevention in the future, considered the result of interview survey that the reality and process can be clarified by the words of teachers themselves. Then, a semi-structured interview survey was conducted of two active elementary school teachers who have taken a leave of absence due to burnout and have recovered now, and analyzed using the KJ method to clarify the reality and process of burnout of them. As the result, it was revealed that the occurrence and the recovery process of burnout gradually progress, and the presence or absence and the degree of supports provided by others at that time have effects on the alleviation or aggravation of symptoms. Then, focusing on the three viewpoints of "help-seeking and physical and mental self-managing when exhausted", "supports by managerial staff and co-workers", and "supporting systems for desirable teachers", supports and prevention of burnout of elementary school teachers as well as the recurrence prevention after the return to work were examined.

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