Departmental Bulletin Paper 佐伯市吹浦地区における防災・減災ボランティアプログラムの成果と課題
Volunteer Program to Prevent Furniture Falling Down Carried out by University Students in Cooperation with Local Residents and its Social and Educational Effects

土居, 晴洋  ,  小山, 拓志  ,  川田, 菜穂子  ,  市原, 靖士  ,  中原, 久志  ,  小林, 祐司

37 ( 2 )  , pp.129 - 144 , 2015-10 , 大分大学教育福祉科学部
The authors conducted a volunteer program for fixing articles of furniture to prevent their falling down in households where the residents could not do this themselves. It was done by for students of Oita University in Fukiura District, Saiki City,Oita Prefecture in 2014. This paper intends to introduce the program and also to confirm the outcomes and problems for the partipating students and the households. The program is a micro scale practice in a small settlement, but it is an important practice executed by the related stakeholders in the Future Earth Program seeking a sustainable global environment.

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