Departmental Bulletin Paper 市町村別昼間人口と漁業者数からみた日本列島臨海域の 漁業集積と都市僻遠性
Fisheries Accumulations and Remote Locations at Coastal Municipalities in the Japanese Islands from Viewpoints of Daytime Populations and the Number of Fishermen

篠原, 秀一  ,  SHINOHARA, Shuichi

This study attempted statistical examinations of fisheries accumulations and remote locations at coastal municipalities in Japan from viewpoints of daytime populations and the number of fishermen. After examinations, in Japan in 2010, fisheries accumulations were remarkable in Hokkaido Area, Nankai Area and Kyushu isolated islands. Fisheries accumulations existed in urban areas, suburban areas and far areas from cities in Japan in 2010.

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