Departmental Bulletin Paper 秋田県潟上市豊川地域における地域資源を活用した地域づくり
Regional Development that Capitalizes on Community Resources in Toyokawa Area of Katagami City in Akita Prefecture

植村, 円香  ,  UEMURA, Madoka

The purpose of the present study is to clarify the current state and process of regional development that capitalizes on community resources. In particular, this study looks at the case of the Toyokawa area of Katagami city in the Akita prefecture. In the Toyokawa area, regional development is taking place that capitalizes on the Kusakidani valley. This is a community resource because it is where Rikinosuke Ishikawa introduced and practiced a simple life during the Meiji period, helping poor people. The process of discovering, preserving, and using a community resource is very important for capitalizing on the regional development of a community resource. The results of the survey showed that the Akita prefectural office discovered the community resources of the Kusakidani valley. To restore and preserve the valley, which was situated in an area of abandoned fields and rice paddies, the citizens established a society for its protection. To protect the valley, the society worked with the Akita prefectural office to use it as part of an environmental education program for elementary school students. This series of activities brought water to the fields in the Kusakidani valley. This led to the inhabitation of this area and the river with fireflies and freshwater snails. It has become clear that through this regional development process, the Kusakidani valley was reborn from abandoned fields and rice paddies into a place that serves to teach people about environmental conservation and Rikinosuke Ishikawa. This site is visited by more than 200 people each year.

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