Departmental Bulletin Paper 空気中の自然放射性核種の測定と放射線教育教材への応用
Measurement of natural radioactive nuclides in the air and its application to teaching materials for radiation education

佐藤, 美千代  ,  岩田, 吉弘  ,  SATOH, Michiyo  ,  IWATA, Yoshihiro

We developed a method to collect natural radioactive nuclides in the air by a simple method. Dust contained in the air in the storage room was sucked with a vacuum cleaner and collected on a cotton paper used as a filter. The radioactive nuclides, 214Pb and 214Bi from 222Rn were collected on the filter. The radiation dose had enough quantity to analysis using a GM counter for education. The PC was connected to the GM counter and displayed the change of the radiation dose in real time. The PC calculated the apparent half-life of the radioactive nuclides, and the half-life was approximately 40 minutes. We applied this measurement to the radiation education teaching material for junior high school students. This teaching material promoted that a student understood "radioactive decay of the atom", "half-life" and "the measurement of the radiation".

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