Departmental Bulletin Paper アケビ果皮の栄養・調理特性と食素材としての活用性に関する研究
Nutritional Properties and Processing Characteristics of Akebia quinata

鈴木, 景子  ,  池本, 敦  ,  SUZUKI, Keiko  ,  IKEMOTO, Atsushi

Akebia quinata is a naturally edible fruit and its seeds have been used as materials for edible oil at Akita Prefecture in Japan. However it is not well recognized to consumers owing to the limited information for nutritional properties and cooking method. Particularly its pericarp has not been utilized because of its bitter taste although it contains several functional ingredients such as antioxidants. In the present studies we developed the processing method of the pericarp of Akebia quinata to reduce bitter tastes. We also made new cooking methods and their availabilities were investigated in the lecture class for general citizens. The usability of Akebia quinata as health food materials was discussed to promote the consumption of the regional food resources.

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