Departmental Bulletin Paper 生徒アンケート調査に見る中学校理科の学習観 :特に「話し合い活動」と資質・能力の関係について
Questionnaire Research Results on Views Regarding Science Classes in Junior High School : Special Reference to the Relationship between Discussion Quality and Scholastic Abilities

三浦, 益子  ,  川村, 教一  ,  MIURA, Masuko  ,  KAWAMURA, Norihito

The authors conducted questionnaire researches on first-grade high school students regarding their views on the biology science classes in junior high school. The following results were obtained with regard to scholastic abilities:  ・The students feel that they have poor thinking power.  ・Some students highly value discussions because they can get new ideas during discussions.  ・Students who highly value in discussions try to express their thoughts and cooperate in class.

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