Departmental Bulletin Paper 病弱特別支援学校におけるセンター的機能の現状と求められる対応
The Current Status of the Function of Special Needs Schools for HealthImpaired Students as Resource Centers and Actions Needed

藤井, 慶博  ,  高橋, 省子  ,  門脇, 恵  ,  FUJII, Yoshihiro  ,  TAKAHASHI, Shoko  ,  KADOWAKI, Megumi

A questionnaire-type survey on the function of special needs schools as resource centers for students with health impairments was conducted on such schools nationwide. The results showed differences in implementation, and depended on whether the school had been established as an independent entity, a branch, or created alongside other educational facilities. While counseling and information services to faculty members were found to be extensive, few specific actions to support the students are being taken. According to the survey, "improvement in specialization as teachers at such schools," "greater understanding toward their function as a resource center," "closer coordination with relevant organizations," etc., were listed as solutions necessary to enrich these schools’ function as a resource center. To implement these solutions, greater support from administrative authorities is necessary, along with systematic improvement of the schools and coordination with relevant organizations.

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