Departmental Bulletin Paper 数学教育における教材研究と授業改善の研究Ⅵ — モデルプレートを活用した授業改善の試み —
Development of teaching materials and impvovement of the lesson in the study of Mathematics VI −Improvement of the lesson by using "Model Plate"−

佐藤, 学  ,  重松, 敬一  ,  赤井, 利行  ,  杜, 威  ,  新木, 伸次  ,  椎名, 美穂子  ,  SATO, Manabu  ,  SHIGEMATSU, Keiichi  ,  AKAI, Toshiyuki  ,  Du, Wei  ,  ARAKI, Shinji  ,  SHIINA, Mihoko

In the last paper, we considered the lesson of the school mathematics about the improvent of the lesson by using "Model Plate". Until now, We were considering the teachig learning processes to validate the "Model Plate". On this paper, we present a case study that the "Model Plate" has the function of improving of the lesson. In this case study, the experienced teacher revised lesson plan referring to the "Model Plate", After all, in the revised lesson of a case study, students think in a Developmental Way and present many developmental ideas.

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