Departmental Bulletin Paper 美術科教員養成におけるデザイン教育に関する考察 — 主として「情報表現」の観点から —
Design education of art teacher training at the university level -Information expression methodology in applied design education-

石井, 宏一  ,  ISHII, Kouichi

One of the important purposes of art teacher training at the university level is to inculcate in the student both the knowledge and ability to create and execute lesson plans. The curriculum for such training should incorporate both the behavioral and theoretical concepts of design theory. Therefore, design theory is of paramount importance; perhaps even more critical to the students’ acquisition of pedagogic skills than even practical professional experience in, for example, graphic or product design. Design education focuses on both the universal meaning and value of the design process. It enhances the learning environment by expanding student perspective and stimulating exploration of the essence of design. The approach of this paper is adapting a methodology that incorporates the concept of “information expression”, an approach that, we submit, is well-suited to a modern curriculum of art teacher training and design education. We have verified the validity of the methodology of information expression. This methodology, we submit, not only satisfies the demands of modern design education, but opens the possibility of and makes feasible a “human-centered design” approach in specialized design education as an essential part of the art teacher education and training curriculum.

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