Journal Article 田沢湖湖底に堆積する珪藻被殻の形態及び化学構造に関する検討
Investigation of the Morphology and Chemical Structure of the Diatoms Frustule Found in the Bottom Sediments in Tazawa-ko Lake

布田, 潔  ,  高見, 夏基  ,  小笠原, 正剛  ,  成田, 修司

We analyzed the morphology and chemical structure of diatoms frustule for two annual sediment samplestaken at the bottom of Tazawa-ko Lake (Lake center), and the change of diatom distribution along the depthdirection was examined. As a result, we got the following conclusion. (1) SEM observation revealed that diatomsfrustule deposited in the surface of the boom sediment in 2003, whereas it was found in a part deeper than 7 cm in 2011. (2) The shape of the frustule was found to be mostly “Taiko”-type (Cyclostephanos). (3) The existence of the diatoms frustule was commonly supported by the halo appearing in XRD, the shift of Si-O stretching vibration in FT - IR toward the higher wavenumber side, and the analysis of the profile of 29Si NMR.

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