Departmental Bulletin Paper 個別の教育支援計画の作成と活用に関する現状と今後の方策 ― 特別支援学校教員に対する質問紙調査から ―
The Current State and Future Policymaking on the Development and Use of Individualized Education Support Plans: - Findings of the Questionnaire Survey of Teachers at Schools for Special Needs Education -

藤井, 慶博  ,  高田屋, 陽子  ,  FUJII, Yoshihiro  ,  TAKADAYA, Yoko

A questionnaire survey was conducted on teachers at schools for special needs education to identify the current state of development and use of individualized education support plans and to examine into policies aimed at effective application of such plans. The findings show that the teachers found development of such plans burdensome and that such plans were not being utilized effectively. For individualized education support plans to function effectively, support meetings by relevant parties, study in application systems and participation of special needs students and their guardians in plan development are regarded necessary. The findings reveals that in developing such plans it is necessary to study into formats that are suited to the real conditions at the school and to promote further coordination among relevant organizations. Additionally, it is suggested that the cooperation between the school and the students and their guardians will possibly contribute to career development of the student.

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