Departmental Bulletin Paper カテゴリー・ラベルの情報性効果 ~制御適合理論の限界~
The effect of category label’s information - Limits of the regulatory fit theory -

飯野, 純彦  ,  IINO, Atsuhiko

In this study, I focused in the aspects of “category label information” which retailers use. Then, I have done confirmation tests whether having category label information have any effects. According to the regulatory fit theory, people experience a regulatory fit when using the means of maintaining the regulatory orientation. And then, when people pursuing a goal, they act quite involved in cases of the regulatory fit strategy rather than the cases using incompatible strategies. However, according to this study, we realize that with respect to category labels, “regulatory fit” does not work. In other words, if the consumers consider the level of satisfaction with the selected product, then the retailers do not need to include category label information.

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