Departmental Bulletin Paper がんになった親(18歳未満の子どもをもつ)の困難と希望に関する文献検討
Difficulties and hope for parental cancer: literature review

阿部, 祐子  ,  眞壁, 幸子  ,  安藤, 秀明  ,  伊藤, 登茂子  ,  ABE, Yuko  ,  MAKABE, Sachiko  ,  ANDO , Hideaki  ,  ITO, Tomoko

本研究の目的は,がんになった親の子どもとの関係に関わる困難と希望に関する研究を概観し,研究の動向と今後の課題を明らかにすることである.方法として,医学中央雑誌 Web 版と SCOPUS を用い,キーワードとして「親」,「がん」を固定化し,「希望」,「困難」,「認識」,「意識」,「親役割」の各々を組み合わせ,過去10年間の原著論文を検 索した結果,14件の文献が得られた.対象の多くは母親で,内容は困難に関することが多かった.困難は,〈身体的問題による役割制限の困難〉,〈精神的困難〉,〈社会的困難〉,〈子どもの将来に関する困難〉,希望は,〈子どもが精神的な支えや励みになること〉,〈親としての存在意義〉,〈子どもの成長〉,〈家族内の関係性の変化〉に分類され,関連因子は個人因子,家族因子,疾患因子,環境因子に分類された.今後,がんになった親を対象に全国的な横断的質問紙調査を行い,本結果を立証する必要がある.
It is presumed that parental cancer have difficulties and hopes; however, studies elucidating the overall picture do not exist. The present study aimed to obtain an overview of the studies related to the difficulties and hopes arising from the relationships of cancer patients with their children, and to elucidate research trends and future challenges. Method- ology: We searched for original papers published in the past 10 years in the Japan Medical Abstracts Society (web ver- sion) and SCOPUS using the fixed keywords “parent” and “cancer”, and different combinations of the keywords “hope”, “difficulties”, “recognition”, “consciousness”, and “paternity”. We obtained 14 papers. Most of the study targets were mothers, and most of the content was related to difficulties faced. Cancer patients with children faced the following difficulties: “difficulty of restricted role owing to physical problems”, “psychological difficulties”, “social difficulties”, and “difficulties related to future of the children”. In addition, the cancer patients had the following hopes: “to get emotional support and encouragement from the children”, “significance of existence as a parent”, “development of children”, and “changes in interfamilial relationships”. The relative factors were classified into individual factors, family-related factors, disease-related factors, and environmental factors. However, the results of the present study are limited, and need to be substantiated with nation-wide cross-sectional questionnaire surveys that focus on cancer patients with children.

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