Departmental Bulletin Paper 健康な人を対象とした足浴の効果に関する英語文献レビュー
The effects of a foot bath in healthy subjects: A review of the English literature

工藤, 由紀子  ,  佐々木, 真紀子  ,  KUDOH, Yukiko  ,  SASAKI, Makiko

目的:健康な人を対象とした足浴の効果に関する英語文献レビューを行って研究成果を明らかにし今後の研究課題を検討する. 方法:PubMed, SCOPUS, The Cochrane Library を使用し以下の条件を満たした論文を対象とした.1. 検索対象期間: 全年指定,2. キーワード:footbath, foot bath, footbathing, foot bathing,3. 研究デザイン:指定なし,4. 論文種類: 条件1~3を満たした論文を選別し総説,解説に該当する論文を除外,5. 抄録を精読し EBM の疑問の定式化の方法である Participants, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome を以下のように設定.P:小児を除く健康な人,I:足浴した場合,C:足浴しない場合が含まれる論文,O:指定なし. 結果:条件1~4を満たした394件のうち条件5を満たさないものを除外し7件が抽出された.研究成果を分析し, 足浴が睡眠に及ぼす影響が4件,自律神経活動に及ぼす影響が3件であった.足浴に関する報告は少なく,後者のすべてが日本での検討であったことから,足浴の研究成果を積極的に海外に発信していく必要がある.
AIM: A study was conducted to clarify the effects of a foot bath based on a review of the English literature. METHODS: A literature search was conducted using the PubMed, SCOPUS, and Cochrane Library databases. In order to be included in the study, a paper had to meet all of the following conditions: (1) Publication up to the end of the search period in June 2015. (2) Search terms “footbath,” “foot bath,” “footbathing,” and “foot bathing” were used. (3) Because papers covering randomized controlled trials were very scarce, no specific study design was chosen for the search. (4) Reviews and commentaries were excluded. (5) The Participants, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome (PICO) protocol of EBM was employed; “P” was a control group including healthy subjects, “I” was performance of a foot bath, “C” involved cases where no foot bath was performed, and “O” indicated all available English literature. RESULTS: Following the search, 394 papers were considered to have met some of the search criteria, and ultimately 7 papers met all of the conditions. An analysis of these 7 papers revealed that four papers showed an effect of foot bath on sleep, and three studies showed an effect of foot bath on autonomic nervous activity. CONCLUSION: While many studies on foot bath have been previously published in the Japanese literature, few are available in the English literature. It is necessary to positively publish the effect of foot bath to overseas.

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