Departmental Bulletin Paper 看護専門学校教員の職業継続意思と組織コミットメントに関する研究
Study on the intent to continue working and organizational commitment of nursing school teachers

成田, 富貴子  ,  長谷部, 真木子  ,  NARITA, Fukiko  ,  HASEBE, Makiko

全国の3年課程の看護専門学校の教員を対象に,職業継続意思と組織コミットメントの実態を知り,職業継続を支援する方向性を明らかにするために調査を実施した.協力の得られた看護教員842名を分析対象とし,以下の結果が得られた.1.職業継続意思のある人は,約7割だった.教員経験年数が5年以下は,職業継続意思のある人は少なく,11~15年,16~20年は,職業継続意思のある人が 多かった.2.組織コミットメントは,教員経験年数,在職年数,教員養成講習の受講の有無,職業継続意思の有無, 職場での相談相手の有無などによって差があった.教員経験年数16~20年は,5年以下より得点が高かった.3.職業継続意思のある理由は,【看護教員としてのやりがい】【ワークライフバランスの良さ】など11のカテゴリーが抽出された.4.職業継続に必要な支援には,【職場環境の改善】【看護教員の質の向上への支援】など7のカテゴリーが抽出された.看護教員の職業継続意思には,個人的要因,組織的要因と関連があり,職業継続意思がある人は組織コミットメントを高めるような支援が有効である.特に教員経験年数5年以下の看護教員は,職業継続意思のある者が有意に少なく,組織コミットメントも低かったことから,職業継続意思がもてるように,成功体験や達成感などの満足感を得られることや,上司や同僚の支援,研修の機会を設ける等,職場環境の整備が必要である.
Among teachers in nursing schools with three-year courses in Japan, we conducted an investigation in order to understand the actual situation regarding their intent to continue working as well as their organizational commitment, and clarify the direction to support them so that they will continue working. We worked in cooperation with 842 nursing teachers as analysis subjects and obtained the following results: 1. The percentage of those who intended to continue working was approximately 70%. Among those who intended to continue working, many had from 11-15 years and from 16-20 years teaching experience, while few who had less than 5 years teaching experience; 2. Regarding organizational commitment, differences were found depending on years of teaching experience, years of service, whether or not they attended teacher training classes, intent to continue working, and the presence of a mentor at work. The scores of those with 16-20 years teaching experience were higher than the scores of those with less than 5 years teaching experience; 3. Regarding the reasons why they intended to continue working, 11 categories were extracted including “Rewarding sense of satisfaction as a nursing teacher,” “Good work-life balance,” etc.; and 4. Regarding the support required for them to continue working, 7 categories were extracted including “Improved work environment,” “Support to improve the quality of nursing teachers,” etc. Intent to continue working among nursing teachers was related to personal factors and organizational factors. For those intending to continue working, support to raise their organizational commitment is effective. In particular, regarding nursing teachers with less than 5 years teaching experience, significantly few intended to continue working and their organizational commitment was also low. Therefore, in order to instill in them the intent to continue working, it is required to establish a work environment which allows them to acquire satisfaction such as successful experiences and a sense of achievement, along with sufficient support from supervisors and colleagues, in addition to providing various training opportunities.

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