Departmental Bulletin Paper 高い識見をもつ市民を育てる社会科授業の指導過程
Teaching procedure cultivating students' deep insight as citizens in social studies classes

丸山, 琢磨  ,  MARUYAMA, Takuma

The next course of study puts emphasis on the deep learning which cultivate students' subjective attitude to the study and think deeply about the aim of the class with dialogue-oriented activities. The most important competences which students acquire through the learning process like above is how to make their own lives better through the better connection with the world. I have tried to create classes which students themselves make their efforts to generate the learning subjects in each class and attempt to solve the problems and find the answers to the subjects such as everyday life challenging questions through the collaborative study among the students. I believe that it is essential that teachers give students more and more opportunities to have discussion and debates for sharing and developing their ideas. Especially, "the deep active learning" activities provided in the latter half of each class enhance the perspectives of students towards social studies. With such an approach, the competences needed for the next generation will be available. Therefore, it is necessary for teachers to engage in the elaborate study of teaching materials which enables them to have students recognize how it relates with the society they are living in and, as a result, to have them give a proper and well-considered judgement to the social phenomena.

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