Departmental Bulletin Paper クラウド型授業支援システムを活用した授業実践について
On the lesson practices utilized cloud type class support system

高橋, 猛  ,  林, 良雄  ,  TAKAHASHI, Takeshi  ,  HAYASHI, Yoshio

"Digitization of education is pushed forward today. Though maintaining environment with one for one falls behind the foreign country, The wave of Digitization of education is spreading through Akita including Happo town and Akita city by little and little. However, the purpose of the digitization of the education is not not to let merely child spend ICT but is to deepen the understanding of the subject by a characteristic of the ICT. To do how to use along this purpose, it is necessary for an individual teacher needs to understand a characteristic of the ICT and to put in lesson practice maximize the effect to maximize the effect. In this paper, we report the school lesson and learning with ICT practicing at elementary school attached to Akita University and the influence of it. The practice environment was an electronic blackboards, tablet PC’s, wireless LAN, in addition took in the class support system which information sharing could simplify. This class support system(Omakase-kyoshitu)is the one of the cloud type, and management of a server is unnecessary, and it's possible to put teacher's burden in a minimum. But, data communication with outside the school always formed, so performance depends on the net environment fairly was expected. Therefore we set up tablet PC’s and wireless LAN and we maintained it to use it without a trouble by preparing an optical line separately. After having practiced classes from April to December, we performed the questionary survey to children. The following results were obtained: There were a lot of children who thought that the class using the tablet PC was interesting, Children developed an ability to express their opinion, The child felt that they were useful for the class support system to watch the document (opinion) of all. This means that the school lesson and learning with ICT contributs improvement of interest, will, manner and expressive power and It'll be also effective in active learning."

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