Departmental Bulletin Paper 居住地校交流の現状と課題に関する研究 ~特別支援学校及び小・中学校の教員の意識調査と事例分析を通して~
Community Regular Schools :Findings in the awareness survey of special support schools and schoolteachers in elementary and junior high schools and in case analysis

加藤, しお子  ,  藤井, 慶博  ,  KATO, Sioko  ,  FUJII, Yoshihiro

A survey was conducted on the current state of individual integration of special school children to community regular schools, as well as the awareness of schoolteachers involved in the program. The survey results showed an increase in the rate of the program organized in the prefecture. However, the number of times the program is held and the program content were not necessarily satisfactory to the teachers at the special support schools. They also see that enrichment of the program content is a major issue for the elementary and junior high schools that participate as program partners and called for closer coordination among schools. For improvement in the program, the solutions are believed to be “development of program organization procedure and development of organization for guideline development,” “action to be taken for junior high school program,” “accumulation and sharing of knowledge and experience,” “coordination of action between schools” and “development of the foundation for community living.”

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