Departmental Bulletin Paper ユニバーサルデザインの視点を取り入れた授業改善と教員の意識変化の検討 ~高等学校定時制課程の取組から~
A study on class improvement from the viewpoint of universal design and teacher’s consciousness changes: Consideration for several trials at a part-time high school

村松, 勝信  ,  藤島, 英知  ,  神部, 守  ,  藤井, 慶博  ,  MURAMATSU, Katsunobu  ,  FUJISHIMA, Hidetomo  ,  KANBE, Mamoru  ,  FUJII, Yoshihiro

This research discusses the effectiveness of universal design and teacher’s consciousness changes through the genuine practice for class improvement which a teacher tries to make the best use of universal design during a class at a part-time high school. As a result of class improvement above, most teachers not only showed more positive attitude toward class improvement, such as devising their teaching materials or tools and introducing more and more audio-visual aids, but also noticed a really positive reaction to their actual practice. In addition to this fact, it was quite significant that each teacher spread his/her viewpoint of class improvement in class visits. On the other hand, this research has raised a problem that needs to be considered how the effectiveness of universal design is related to student’s academic ability or consciousness changes, and how the influence of it is involved in entire educational activity hereafter.

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