Departmental Bulletin Paper 特別支援学校における医療的ケアの課題と今後の方向性 ~看護師へのアンケート調査結果から~
‘Future vision and Problems’ of medical care in the case of schools for special needs ~As a results of investigation to nurse~

中村, 信弘  ,  斎藤, 孝  ,  藤井, 慶博  ,  高田屋, 陽子  ,  NAKAMURA, Nobuhiro  ,  SAITO, Takashi  ,  FUJII, Yoshihiro  ,  TAKADAYA, Yoko

We investigated into medical care to nurses working in schools for special needs(hereinafter referred to as schools). And we got answers such as problems of nursing practice or school organization. As a result, we found some concerns like this; ・Differences of nursing practice between hospital and school. ・Mental states of nurse working in schools. ・Considerations in school organization, Based on these results, we verified the nursing skills. we also raised ‘the necessity of treatment in emergencies’ and ‘the importance of the team approach’.

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