Departmental Bulletin Paper 義務教育学校設立初年度における取組に関する一考察 -経営資源の有効活用と教育課程の編成に関する現状と課題-
A Study on the Effort by the Compulsory Education School in Its First Year : Focusing on the Current Situation and the Challenges Related to Curriculum Organization and Effective Utilization of Management Resource

田仲, 誠祐  ,  古内, 一樹  ,  廣嶋, 徹  ,  関谷, 美佳子  ,  千葉, 圭子  ,  神居, 隆  ,  細川, 和仁  ,  浦野, 弘  ,  鎌田, 信  ,  三浦, 亨  ,  奥, 瑞生  ,  TANAKA, Seiyu  ,  FURUUCHI, Kazuki  ,  HIROSHIMA, Toru  ,  SEKIYA, Mikako  ,  CHIBA, Keiko  ,  KAMII, Takashi  ,  HOSOKAWA, Kazuhito  ,  URANO, Hiroshi  ,  KAMADA, Shin  ,  MIURA, Toru  ,  OKU, Mizuo

The author examined the current situation and the effort by the two compulsory education schools opened in the Tohoku region in the 2016 academic year to find out the issues to be discussed when going ahead with the educational continuity from primary through early secondary levels. Results revealed that distinctive initiatives such as promotion of place-and community-based education, setting three units according to grade level(grade1-4, 5-7, 8-9)based on the developmental stage of children and continuity of learning, subject-based teacher assignments starting from the middle stage and developing community-based schools as Community Schools were found at both schools although each school has its own characteristics like what was the background of the establishment of the school or how they built consensus among community residents. Results also revealed that more discretion should be given to a school principal to utilize human resourses flexibly and to improve the staffing levels of teachers and other personnel. With regard to teachers' consciousness, results revealed that cultural gap between elementary school teachers and junior high school teachers can be an important opportunity to create a new school culture of consistent nine-year period rather than an obstructive factor.

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