Departmental Bulletin Paper 授業実践力の向上を目指した校内研修の活性化に関する研究 -校内授業研修を成功に導いた事例を通して-
A Study on Change Process of a Teacher’s Perspectives to Lesson Study: A Case on In-Service Training that improve Autonomous Teaching Practice in the School

浦野, 弘  ,  南部, 昌敏  ,  URANO, Hiroshi  ,  NANBU, Masatoshi

This study examined the practical case with the head of the division of research(research chief)who led the activation of lesson study in a medium-scale public junior high school based on the school visit and the record of the in-service training in the school and the semi-structured interviews to the teacher, etc. As a result, it was shown that team work in the school was a great factor, ex. an ability of principal's leadership, the growth of the division of research by the PDCA cycle and the young man teacher's existence as the follower, etc.

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