Departmental Bulletin Paper 中学生対象の地震・津波および防災に関するアンケート調査結果:津波浸水ハザードマップ読図の実態
Questionnaire research results to junior high school students about earthquake, tsunami and those disaster: special reference to reading map ability for the Tsunami Hazard Maps in Katagami city, Japan

川村, 教一  ,  KAWAMURA, Norihito

The author carried out a questionnaire research on understanding of the tsunami generated by the 2011 Off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake; the questionnaire was done for junior high school students in two areas of Akita prefecture. Concerning the understanding of earthquake and tsunami waves, the author concludes that the students did not have enough understanding by science learning in the school. Therefore, junior high school teachers should contribute efforts to give students some knowledge of earthquake and tsunami.

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